And So The Story Goes…

I very unexpectedly found myself with a lot of extra time in my life {a story I may tell later if the time is right} and probably like a lot of people, I decided to create a blog. As I sit here and write this, I’m already feeling the pressure I’ve just put on myself to see this through, no matter how my ‘free’ time may fluctuate from here on out. However, I’m making the very public commitment to this new venture, because I know it will help me grow as an individual, and also allow me to do something I’ve always secretly enjoyed: writing. I decided to start this new journey 10 days ago, from the suggestion of a dear friend, and that’s how long it took me to decide what to write about. Of course, I was also obsessing about what to call it – which was difficult when I hadn’t really decided on a topic.

I knew from the beginning I wanted it to encompass people {obviously} and business –  anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am when it comes to my work. However, I wasn’t looking for a platform to market myself or promote the current products/services I was selling, or a place to measure my success by the number of followers I could collect. When I say business, I guess what I really mean is enabling the success of others. In my mind, this is really the ‘business’ that has chosen me, and that I live for as a leader. The development and investment you put into people and relationships is, in my opinion, the foundation of success; no matter the type of engagement. Not only do I want to share lessons, stories, trials and tribulations I’ve experienced that may help others; I also wanted to seize the learning opportunities this journey could teach me and learn from those that engage through my stories. I wanted a place to demonstrate vulnerability, compassion, empathy, and perspective – all things I value and also need to get better at.

By now, you’ve obviously drawn the conclusion that I’ve named my blog #chickboss.  That’s right, because I’m a chick and I’m a b-o-s-s… is anyone really surprised? 😉 Kidding! But in all seriousness – lesson # 1 I’ve learned on my blogging journey: the intent behind your blog name is far less important than the impact of the content itself.

Once I figured this part out I thought about the audience I wanted to reach. I thought about young and ambitious professionals; specific generations {since I’m in that often mis-categorized gen some call ‘X-illennials’}. Then I thought about tailoring it to Women; of all ages, no matter where they may be in their personal or professional journey. None of which are revolutionary ideas, I know. As I continued to think through this ‘women audience’ idea it provoked other thoughts. {Ones that I have actually already started writing about and will also share – eventually.} These thoughts reminded me of something important: I truly believe that your circumstance is what you make it, and the grass is only green where you water it – no matter who you are or where you come from. I appreciate that some may challenge this idea, but those that continue to read and take this journey with me will soon know, that I welcome different viewpoints in all arenas {fun fact, I was once on a competitive debate team}! For now, I can only assure folks that I genuinely believe I have earned the right to say this… yes, another story for another time.

I finally realized these stories don’t have to be tailored to a specific audience, because really, it’s simple: I want these words to empower people. Men and Women. Of all races, all ages, all backgrounds, all professions, and all circumstance that {and here’s the most important part} want to embrace opportunity around them. My blog is for those that have the ability to step outside of the frame and see the whole picture; those who are open-minded and curious learners no matter the topic. Those that not only understand what transformational leadership is, but they want to manifest it in their life. Those that can determine their own takeaways from my stories, thoughts and experiences and seize the opportunity in them.

I was going to end this first entry by giving you the philosophy that is the foundation for how I try to live my life every day, but that definitely deserves its own post, too.

Stay tuned.


8 thoughts on “And So The Story Goes…

  1. So hard to believe you’re the “little girl” from the cul de sac Meagan!!! All grown up and a boss now. I don’t follow many blogs but am excited for your next one. Onward!!


  2. Nice! Reading this made me want to start my morning off right tomorrow and finish organizing my office! Lol. Since I’ve been slacking a little. Not on purpose, but working from home definitely has its cons. The grass will be green when I’m done watering it. 👍🏽You’ve always had a great flow with words. Have fun.

    Liked by 1 person

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