7 Toxic Sins of Leaderships

No, I didn’t say ‘deadly’ sins – there’s no need to be that dramatic. Poor leadership never led to a fatality, let’s be honest. 🙂 However, you can be certain these sins will bring toxicity to an organization, and quickly kill any chance you may have to becoming a true leader. There is a silver lining to experiencing a crappy boss(es), and that is learning what not to do. It’s like being a waitress after being a service industry critic. You’re not going to keep waiting for someone to flag you down before you check if they need anything.

Of course, there are the more obvious “what not to do’s” as you transform into a leader: bully, micromanage, take all the glory, believe everyone is motivated by the same things, etc. etc. With that said,  beware of of the not so obvious sins. They can sneak up on you and take over quickly – don’t let them!final toxic leadership beliefs


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