5 Recruiting Strategies Your Competition Isn’t Thinking About

The unemployment rate in the United States is expected to be 3.90 percent by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts’ expectations. This is nearly a two-decade low. In addition to this, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of quits or voluntary separations is rising year over year. I’m not an economics expert by any means, so I won’t attempt to debate the drivers behind this. These facts do tell us that in order to recruit rockstar talent, strategizing outside of the box is important!

Before you decide these insights may not apply to you because you aren’t in HR or you don’t have the word “recruiter” or “talent” in your title – I would ask that you hear me out, because everyone can impact talent strategy. Let’s go back to my first post for a quick second on my target audience: “My blog is for those that have the ability to step outside of the frame and see the whole picture; those who are open-minded and curious learners no matter the topic.” That couldn’t be more applicable to what I’m about to tell you, so if this is still you then please read on! 🙂


A company must be just as focused, engaged, invested and committed to doing it successfully. You cannot acquire a new customer just by throwing money at paid ads or flooding their inbox with promos, and you cannot recruit top talent by simply posting a job opportunity and sharing it on LinkedIn. In a world where information is readily available, and there is monetary value on the experience – prospective candidates are educating themselves more than ever, before making the jump to a new organization; just as prospective customers are before giving you their business.

Of course, things like compensation, opportunity, benefits, and flexibility are critical to your competitive advantage – but these things could be out of your ability to impact at scale. With that said, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I typically don’t emphasize the “obvious tips” on most topics; and that is because I want you to step out of the frame and seeing the whole picture. 🙂

Want to be a talent magnet and set yourself apart from the rest? Here’s how you can…

recruiting strategies5


Perception is reality. I recently viewed a company profile on Glassdoor that had earned the prestigious “OpenCompany” status and a 4.8 star employee rating. As if that wasn’t a big enough box to check they also reply to every review, the individuals responding to the reviews ranged from executives, to HR and sales leaders depending on the topics to address. Wow, pure genius.

Talented professionals are evaluating more than just your benefits package. Whether you’re a hiring manager, a recruiter, a senior executive, a social media specialist, a web designer, a product manager, or an office manager – you can have an impact on the talent strategy. You just have to start by thinking outside of the box.


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