Squashing Sales Stigma | Intro

Negative organizational sales stigma is a real thing, one that should not be ignored. Quota bearing, commission based sales easily comes with preconceived generalized character; used car salesman, slimy, greasy, out to make a buck, sales monkey, etc. I can tell you, from experience that this is actually a thing, but I didn’t believe it until I made the transition from a salary role to a quota carrying, commission based role. When I was actually living the reality of  it, I was surprised, but also disappointed.

I shared an article by Peter Smith on my LinkedIn profile several months ago: “Why do we hate (our own) sales people?” One of the best pieces of content I’ve ever read on this topic, including his Part II and Part III expansions. As a continuation of my Transformational Leadership in the Sales World series, I want to talk about this topic in the coming posts and specifically focus on 2 areas when it comes to the cause and effect from cultures of a negative sales stigma:

  1. The responsibility of the organization and business
  2. The responsibility of the sales force and sales leaders

In the meantime, check out Peter’s articles, process what he’s saying and we’ll go from there.

Happy Reading, for now!


Part 3: Series Continuation of Transformational Leadership in the Sales World

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