Quick Intermission

Yes, I’m taking a quick intermission from my blog. There are a few things I need to focus on this month, but we’ll also be taking a little trip where I intend to disconnect and get some R&R. 🙂 The truth is, I often struggle with doing this, it’s definitely a weakness – but the strength is the drive and the hustle. Call it what you will. I recently read an article that talked about how quickly strengths if taken to the extreme can become your greatest weaknesses. It was something I had thought about on the surface, but hadn’t really reflected on. When I finally did I made a list of all the things taking up my physical and mental capacity – didn’t think about why or how they ended up there. Then I separated it into three groups (to keep myself honest): Things that should be consuming that capacity, things I can come back to, and things that never should have never even been on the list.

The blog is one of those things to come back to.. stay tuned, I’ll be back in November. 😉


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