Find Your Reason & Own It

Oh life… you’re always slapping me around. Yesterday I touched on my passion for helping others be the best version of themselves, and achieve things I know they are capable of. This is true, but something I was reminded of is passion isn’t always a good thing if you can’t keep it grounded. I can often let me passion suck me in and out comes projection and judgement… although that is NEVER my intent. Do you know how many times I hear… “not everyone is like you, Meagan!” or “you’re the exception, not the rule Meagan!” As I sit here and sip my coffee and think, oh the damn irony of this. I never ever intend to project my own self-expectations onto others, but my passion can have a different impact if I don’t keep it grounded. Add it to the list of self-work, Meagan!


I exude confidence because vulnerability terrifies me. I am a exceptionally well spoken, and an articulate written communicator because I keep walls up to avoid letting my body or actions do the talking or show emotion. I coach and mentor people on so many things daily, because I have more confidence in others than I do myself somtimes. I hold myself to a high expectation, because I put more pressure on myself than anyone else does for fear of failure.


I am self-motivated, and while some may not agree I will politely disagree with them that self-motivation is a choice. It’s not a trait, or a characteristic. You make a choice to have it, or not. I wrote a blog a while back you can find in my archives about motivation. In this post I talked about motivation techniques and strategies from the leader perspective. I wanted to reference this because guess what… you aren’t always going to have someone trying to motivate you. Self-motivation is a fundamental building block of self-love, acceptance, inner-strength, and self-care; as it is the reason you FIND that pushes you to do something for YOU, and not because someone is telling you, pressuring you, or encouraging you along the way. You have to FIND what that is folks… find your “why”… because no one can tell you what that is except you. You can make the choice to find it or not, but there is always a why. Everyone is capable of finding their self-motivation.

If you want to develop this then start here:

  1. Dig deep in side you, 3 or 4 layers for the reason. Reflect. Meditate. Pray. Whatever you do. Write down your thoughts, come back to them later.
  2. Surround yourself with others that are self-motivated. Support is so important!
  3. Set milestones that get you to a bigger goal, and celebrate them.
  4. Own it. Understand what own it means to you.


I will say this, if you don’t want to find your self-motivation… then ok, cool! You will still survive life, have accomplishments, and get things done. You’re not going to fall a part if you don’t develop this skill. However, you are only hurting yourself when you are not accepting and humbled by someone else’s support, feedback, and encouragement if they are trying to give it to you. If you can’t do it for yourself why wouldn’t you want someone else to help you stay on track and be accountable? I’ll tell you why… because psychologically we hate to hear something we already know, out loud from someone else. Life secret: When people try to motivate you, or hold you accountable… it simply means they care about you, and they believe in you enough to do so.

Are you going to let someone help you? Are you going to help yourself? How amazing would it be to have both?

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