Think Like a Millionaire & Hustle Like You’re Broke

I have been in various leadership positions for years in all types of settings (corporate, personal, social, volunteer, etc). I’ve had the opportunity to work for and with some of the best leaders, and also some of the worst. I have made mistakes as a leader, some very costly, but I have always tried to learn from them. Leadership holds a special place in my heart, because it is the one thing that you always have the opportunity to be, or become no matter your job, title, endeavor, journey, situation, or circumstance. Your ability to lead people without authority is the difference between helping people, and leading them. Mindset is everything, and here’s the mindset that guides me daily.

Here’s the deal: no matter what you’re doing, or what you’re struggling with if you want it to be successful and grow in your career or see personal growth, you have to step up and be a leader. You have to think like a millionaire, and hustle like you’re broke. What does this mean?

When you think like a millionaire, you give and do selflessly. You are not thinking about how something will or won’t effect you financially or circumstantially, or what you will or won’t gain from it. When you think like a millionaire, you aren’t worried or bogged down with envy or jealousy for your coworker that just go a promotion; or your friend that just retired early. All you see is the amazing growth opportunity for those around you, and how you can help encourage their growth. You aren’t worried about investing your time into someone, or something else that may or may not benefit you. You lead, help, develop & grow people that might not be your subordinates, or even on your team because you are a LEADER. You aren’t worried about someone you’ve mentored moving past you in the org structure, because as a leader you’ve already seen the potential in others, and what an opportunity for those people to step in and up! You exude confidence and courage when facing the insecurities and skepticism of others, by GIVING things you don’t have to give, being humble, and showing grace.  When you think like a millionaire, you move boundaries, climb over mountains, and you take risks. When you think like a millionaire, people see you as a millionaire. You know and understand that the term millionaire is in the eye of the beholder. It doesn’t mean you act like money grows on trees, or that you’re making it rain, or that you have a bunch of things. It simply means you are rich: rich with faith, rich with drive,  rich with opportunity, and rich with blessings.

When you hustle like you’re broke, you walk the talk. You demonstrate everything you want your team, business builders, and potential business builders to be AND MORE. You are the example, the benchmark. When you are in a leadership position, your mindset is simple: you succeed because of them and you fail with them. When you have been put in a leadership position, you have to hustle – like you’re BROKE. Every time you are inconsistent, you throw a wrench in not only your business, but your team – and you are all slowed down. Every time you feel defeat, or take something personal, your team & even your prospects, customers, & colleagues feel it too. Every time you’re “just not feeling it”, or want to quit… so does your team. When you hustle like you’re broke, you know and understand your WHY, and understand WHY your WHY is so important. When you hustle like you’re broke you see the “NO’s” as a blessing, because each rejection only makes you that much more prepared for the next one. When you hustle like you’re broke, you know that the work you’re doing today and the time you’re giving NOW isn’t for your goal this month, it’s for your goal next month. When you hustle like you’re broke, you are not only doing the work, but you are teaching your team just as much as you are learning from them. You are not waiting for it to come to you, or wondering why it hasn’t happened, because you’re already pivoting to your next move and plan. You challenge and push yourself to an uncomfortable level, when you hustle like you’re broke.

If you don’t want to be a statistic, if you are feeling stuck, down, defeated, tired… whatever the case I would challenge you to think like a millionaire, and hustle like you’re broke.

There is not one single successful leader, I know or have seen, IN ANY BUSINESS that got where they are by thinking like they were poor and had nothing to give…. Or hustled like they were content and didn’t want to be better or do more.

The thing that distinguishes leaders from non-leaders is mindset. You have the opportunity to step up and be a leader. No matter your defeats. No matter your circumstance. No matter you situation.

What Are You Doing? Do Something.

Trying something new!! Work smarter, not harder. The first of mini videos incorporated throughout my blog… I might do this all the time, who knows!

What are you doing? What are you changing?  What are you protecting, prioritizing, not prioritizing – etc etc. Here’s what I mean…



Happy Friday.


Find Your Reason & Own It

Oh life… you’re always slapping me around. Yesterday I touched on my passion for helping others be the best version of themselves, and achieve things I know they are capable of. This is true, but something I was reminded of is passion isn’t always a good thing if you can’t keep it grounded. I can often let me passion suck me in and out comes projection and judgement… although that is NEVER my intent. Do you know how many times I hear… “not everyone is like you, Meagan!” or “you’re the exception, not the rule Meagan!” As I sit here and sip my coffee and think, oh the damn irony of this. I never ever intend to project my own self-expectations onto others, but my passion can have a different impact if I don’t keep it grounded. Add it to the list of self-work, Meagan!


I exude confidence because vulnerability terrifies me. I am a exceptionally well spoken, and an articulate written communicator because I keep walls up to avoid letting my body or actions do the talking or show emotion. I coach and mentor people on so many things daily, because I have more confidence in others than I do myself somtimes. I hold myself to a high expectation, because I put more pressure on myself than anyone else does for fear of failure.


I am self-motivated, and while some may not agree I will politely disagree with them that self-motivation is a choice. It’s not a trait, or a characteristic. You make a choice to have it, or not. I wrote a blog a while back you can find in my archives about motivation. In this post I talked about motivation techniques and strategies from the leader perspective. I wanted to reference this because guess what… you aren’t always going to have someone trying to motivate you. Self-motivation is a fundamental building block of self-love, acceptance, inner-strength, and self-care; as it is the reason you FIND that pushes you to do something for YOU, and not because someone is telling you, pressuring you, or encouraging you along the way. You have to FIND what that is folks… find your “why”… because no one can tell you what that is except you. You can make the choice to find it or not, but there is always a why. Everyone is capable of finding their self-motivation.

If you want to develop this then start here:

  1. Dig deep in side you, 3 or 4 layers for the reason. Reflect. Meditate. Pray. Whatever you do. Write down your thoughts, come back to them later.
  2. Surround yourself with others that are self-motivated. Support is so important!
  3. Set milestones that get you to a bigger goal, and celebrate them.
  4. Own it. Understand what own it means to you.


I will say this, if you don’t want to find your self-motivation… then ok, cool! You will still survive life, have accomplishments, and get things done. You’re not going to fall a part if you don’t develop this skill. However, you are only hurting yourself when you are not accepting and humbled by someone else’s support, feedback, and encouragement if they are trying to give it to you. If you can’t do it for yourself why wouldn’t you want someone else to help you stay on track and be accountable? I’ll tell you why… because psychologically we hate to hear something we already know, out loud from someone else. Life secret: When people try to motivate you, or hold you accountable… it simply means they care about you, and they believe in you enough to do so.

Are you going to let someone help you? Are you going to help yourself? How amazing would it be to have both?

How This All Started…

Quick Backstory

Last week on my social sites I posted a before and after picture… there were 59 days between the two photos. Here’s the deal: there was a series of events that set this journey into motion, but the transformation you see in the photo is ongoing, a work in progress and it’s a choice,

It’s very simple, and I don’t want to over complicate it. WELLNESS is a priority, and that is the difference between these two people in the photo. This means spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. What these things mean to each of us is different, but it doesn’t change the meaning of wellness. Wellness should not be confused with healthy; your health is the state of being, and wellness is a lifestyle. It is not for everyone, and that’s ok… but I’m here to tell you that until you experience it you won’t be able comprehend how powerful it is. Choosing wellness isn’t like a before and after thing; it doesn’t give you a badge of perfection, superiority or immunity from the disasters that come and go in life.

self pics 1Let me tell you about the girl in the before photo, so you can really get to know her.

  • She was the heaviest weight she’s ever been, 130lbs at 4’9″
  • She was smoking nearly 2 packs a day and drank more than she should
  • She had her priorities really screwed up, and was pretty selfish
  • She was full of self-doubt and insecurities
  • She was depressed, sad, bitter, and really angry
  • She had mastered the skill of faking a strong, fearless and bulletproof attitude
  • She had frequent stiff neck and physical pain everyday but had no idea why
  • She was under a lot of pressure and stress that she placed on herself
  • She was eating her emotions, and eating to comfort herself and she didn’t even realize it!

She was only 32 years old, so why in the hell was she on the hot mess express?!?! Simple. She didn’t know the difference between ‘healthy’ and wellness. People say “I don’t really need that… I’m pretty healthy.” All the while, they have simply normalized their state of being. Yep, that was me… bulletproof.

Yes, I’m “doing Young Living”… as people have asked.

I laugh because it sounds funny, but that’s usually how people ask. It’s like when they ask THEY CANNOT BELIEVE I am, and it sounds like: “So you’re doing oils now?”or “So, you’re doing Young Living?”

Yes, I’m in the midst of a transformation, self-revolution & new journey.

Yes, I am striving everyday towards wellness, which is never-ending.

Yes, essential oils and the Young Living lifestyle are a HUGE part of my journey, and I’d be lying if I said they weren’t.

Yes, I decided to do the business after saying I never would.

This is real life, y’all. I’m doing something I said I would never do… and I will totally own that, but I’m not going to apologize, dance around, or be fearful of what people think about it… because IT’S AMAZING. The truth is, it got to the point where I could no longer deny that doing this is a part of my journey and self-revolution. You know that feeling when your life is a at a major fork in the road… and you have to decide which way to go, and you desperately just want a sign or a crystal ball to tell you the answer? That’s where I was. It’s funny because what I wanted, what I expected and what I kept praying about wasn’t happening, and what I wasn’t asking for kept happening.

Essential oils and all the things that is Young Living and this wellness journey is literally changing my life every single day… you can believe that or not, but whether you do or you don’t doesn’t change it. I did not wake up one morning after using my oils and say “I want to sell essential oils because they are soooo amazing!” LOL… NO! Yes, they are amazing, yes they were the gateway of a transformation, but that’s not what started it. It simply started as a strong feeling of obligation to share my genuine experience.  I felt wrong for keeping it to myself… honestly, like I was cheating people I care about and love from something they could have too. If you know me, you know that I have a strong passion for pushing people to their highest potential. There is NO greater motivation for me than helping and empowering others to be their best version of themselves, and that is exactly what this opportunity has given me. Does this mean I’m completely fearless because I have the secret to success? Not even close… in fact I’m terrified, but there is no way I’m going to let that keep me from doing it.

Essential Oils Work Because They Are Magic!

JUST KIDDING, LOL! Hear me when I say: essential oils are not some revolutionary weight loss secret. They aren’t bottles of magic overnight potion, they will not change your life after one use, nor stop something you’re struggling with when you use them sporadically, and diffusing is so much more than making your house smell nice. They aren’t just going to free you of all accountability for the choices you make, or the lifestyle you live. And guess what…  just like anything that’s worth it… IT TAKES WORK.

Everyday I ingest in my mouth about 10 oils, diffuse probably 15-20 different oils, and put topically on my skin another 25-30. I have now replaced 12 products I use daily in our home or in my personal care/beauty routine daily with a plant-based chemical free Young Living product, or a DIY replacement using my oils… all 100% chemical free. I put my oils to work 24×7, but it’s a marathon, not a sprint and it’s an ongoing thing. I’m learning something new, trying things out, and sharing the experience every day. You don’t walk into the gym for the first time, run 10 miles on the treadmill, and have a bikini body.  You don’t decide to make a complete career change, walk into your bosses office and say give me a different job. You don’t go to your doctor and say, I want to prevent cancer, so I’m going to eat organic. This is NO different. If you want to be physically fit, get your ass to the gym. If you want a career change, be prepared to start over, and if you want to make an effort to try to prevent cancer… you better educate yourself.

This girl, right here y’all present time… she still eats processed foods, drinks whiskey, eat carbs, hates working out, and has chemicals in her house. IT’S A PROCESS! But, she quit smoking, lost 17 lbs, made a career change, she’s finding her confidence and happiness, changing her priorities and is still so much a work in progress. She made a choice that started with a little box of plant oils, and everyday she makes a choice to learn about them, use them, and share all the amazingness that comes with opportunity she’s been given.

self pics 4



Just A Little Chat With Myself…

I started writing this entry last Monday, and then something happened that knocked me down. I attempted to come back to it, and even almost finishing it two other times… but again, knocked down by something else. Now, here I am on Sunday fully intending to publish, and bam…rug yanked out from under me again. I finally just said screw it, because apparently someone is trying to tell me I need to get over it, start with a blank sheet and write again.

This yo-yo, puppet string game of good news, bad news can pretty much sum up the last year for me. I’m starting to wonder if it’s always been this way, and the change that’s going on within me has somehow made me more awaret…or if it’s something else. Before I say what I’m about to, I want to preface it with this: If you know me you know I am a believer of God, and believe Jesus Christ is my savior, but I am not what I would call an active, Christian, like I know I should be. For no reasons other than priority. I find comfort and strength in prayer, even though I do not pray regularly, and haven’t been to church in probably 2 years.

As I sit here and cry about the latest thing to punch me in the gut that I did not see coming… I know that I am intentionally being put through a self-revolution. I don’t know or believe in any other higher power than Him so, NOTHING else makes sense other than that. One part of me feels like the things I’ve been through in the last year are so small in comparison to other tribulations I see others going through. As I say that I can hear some of the smartest women I know in my ear saying “don’t compare yourself to others, or your situation to someone else’s because everyone has their own hard, their own triumph, their own journey.” This is so very true. The truth is I haven’t been diagnosed with cancer, grieved the loss of a loved one, and as I sit here and write this, literally, I went from feeling knocked down and devastated to fortunate. Yep, you just saw me change my thoughts, as if it were a live video and me on the screen talking through this with myself.… only right here in my blog. This is what I mean by being put through a self-revolution. I’m not being tested, this isn’t a test of my strength, faith, character,or patience… I have felt extremely tested before, but this does not feel that way. I can physically and emotionally feel an internal battle and change inside of me. I don’t know the reason why, but the truth is I’ve never felt it before.

When I started writing this blog last week, it was about a self-revolution, but I was writing as if the self-revolution was the result of the things I had been through and overcoming them. That was wrong, and probably why I couldn’t write or kept being interuppted. It wasn’t until as I was writing this just now, that I realized I wasn’t the one creating this revolution within me. The impatient person in me has grown frustrated with not being able to see the reason… because I just want to know why. The controlling person in me, at the present moment has a few why theories. The disbelieving person in me doesn’t want to say out loud what those theories are; because the cautious person in me is somewhat fearful that I could be right.

It wasn’t until just right now, in this moment, I realized how much I’ve gained during this self-revolution I’m intentionally being put through.

  • I have never been closer to my family, and I have never had more appreciation for them. I’ve never seen or talked to my Parents, and Grandparents more, my siblings also.
  • My sister and I have grown so close, that when we don’t talk I miss her, and I can’t wait to see her. I never even really thought it would be possible for us to be this close, but now that we are it’s amazing.
  • I have reconnected with friends that I haven’t spoken to in years. I am closer than I have ever been to one of my dearest friends from childhood… who I use to maybe talk to every 6-9 months. She is one of the most positive influences that I am greatful for.
  • I have never felt more blessed, lucky and appreciative of my husband. He is so patient, and honestly… no one knows me better than him.
  • I have been blessed in a dozen ways I didn’t know was possible with Young Living: never having been more in touch with myself physically, emotionally, and mentally. Being a part of a community of encouraging and inspiring women and families… and even some new friends. But nothing compares to the genuine heart full joy I’ve found in helping people… people I care about. Especially when I get a call or message from those people, thanking me and full of excitement.
  • I’ve had some of my dearest friends tell me that I’m different, “new”, “happier”, “engaged”, “living vs going through the motions”… call it whatever, it’s amazing and I’m humbled by it.
  • Someone that was once an acquaintance in our life, has now become a friend and has truly softened my heart about our fertility situation, and given me strength to overcome fear of all the things I was scared of before.
  • Of course, I am proud of myself… losing 17lbs while being 85 days smoke free, which is almost an oxy moron and pretty freaking awesome.

Perspective is an amazing thing. I started  2019 was the year of all years… and that’s exactly what it’s turning out to be. Despite the tears I was crying this morning, the gut punches I had in the past, and the ones that await me in the future.

Close your bets; I’m back!

Well, hello there!! Ok.. lets get it over with really quick. I know, I said I would be back in November and it’s January…. what can I say except, apologies I’m late! A combination of reflecting, reprioritizing, focusing, sprinkled in with some procrastination. I’m here now, and soooo ready to be back to blogging.

So, you’ve noticed I changed my blogging site name and look by now… a part of that reflection and focus I was mentioning. While I stand by every single word I wrote in a short 6 months as #chickboss, I learned it came from a place in my heart and in my mind that I no longer want to be…and that honestly, I no longer am. Most of you reading this know my ‘story’ (for lack of a better title)! Whether you know bits and pieces from what you’ve ‘heard’, or what you’ve heard directly from me. So here is to owning it: #chickboss was fueled from a place of mourning that I masked with strength and turned into passion; and despite my efforts still ended up being negative energy for me. I want to repeat, that every single thing I wrote about I still stand by; it is still relevant and genuine, all still topics that get me fired up. I will still write about business and sales strategies, leadership fundementals and transformations etc… because I still love those things! The difference is they will be fueled by a place of enjoyment and real life… and whatever I feel passionate enough to write about in that moment.

For me to move forward and grow, inside and outside this blog. I need to tell the story of getting to this point. I’ll try to summarize.

Rewind to 6 years ago (summer 2013), after finally deciding we were ready to have a family we found out I would not be able to the conventional way. Without getting into the details of that (at least right now), my attitude towards the situation was basically “Whatever, it’s fine! We don’t need to spend the money and instead I’ll just be an executive by the time I’m 35.. we’ll enjoy our life together and travel and do all the things… and be dog parents! It’s totally fine!” Pause to say I have the most loving and supportive husband, EVER and I’m very lucky.  Love you, babe.

Being an executive by the time I was 35 (I was 28 then) became my number 1 priority, and for the next 5 years nothing was as important. Luckily, I had just landed a job with a growing awesome company where I felt like I could achieve just that if I worked hard! So that’s what I worked towards and each year that went by, I sacrificed, mis-prioritized, and took for granted more and more: My marriage, family, friends, health, well being, hobbies, faith… all of it took a back seat. Now fast forward to the summer of 2017, well on my way to that goal with the same company now in an extremely high stress position, and after 4 years of loyalty and hard work my career there had really taken off. I was promoted not only in title and responsibility… but I had been given a large underperforming team with extremely poor morale and engagement. I’ll never forget when my promotion was announced and the standing applause I got from the entire room. Not only was it a proud moment, but in that moment all my sacrifices felt justified. I had insane goals (so did they), fires to put out, people to motivate, people to fire & hire, problems to solve, accountability to drive, teams to reengage and bridges to build.  It’s called a turn around situation, and I had been ‘trusted’ to turn it around. Although I had held people management, leadership and high visibility positions for several years this was the largest team and greatest responsibility I had up to this point, and the entire thing was an absolute mess. I was scared, a little of failure (I’m only human), but more importantly that this large group of people that I really cared about, was counting on me and I did not want to let them down. Many supported me, a few did not, some pretended they did. Regardless I was 200% committed to them as individuals, and as a team, and the company – pouring my soul, sweat and tears into it.

It had been the hardest, most trying time in my professional career for MANY reasons – but 9 months in to this promotion, I could really start to see the payoff of all the sweat and tears. I was successfully turning the team around, had rebuilt trust and confidence (them in me, and me in them), numbers were up, they were making money, I was making a ton of money, getting better and better each month, all of it really started to thrive. Last May was when I could really see and feel a change in them, in me, and was really steadfast focused on the company strategy… I mean I was so pumped, all in learning and teaching.. rallying and ready to help push the group through to the next level – and I was really embracing it all. I was on a cloud and at this point the sacrifice and payoff was undeniable, so it seemed. Then one June morning, I went to the office like any other day and it was all taken away. Poof, just like that… gone. Literally it felt like someone took a baseball bat to my stomach. Without getting into the details, for me personally it all happened in the worst possible way… I mean in the worst possible scenario, gut wrenching, way. Like kicking someone while they’re already down, is one thing… they expect it to a degree. But tripping someone that’s all sweaty, running towards the finish line is a completely different story.

When I look back and reflect on this now I can see the change from me putting 120% to 200% into my career began with trying to fulfill a very big void of something I said I didn’t need 6 years ago. WOW, there it is.. I said it. Of course, that’s just where it started… but it’s really important for me to own that. I’m sure some of you may be reading this and thinking… IT’S JUST A JOB.. you’re crazy, why’d you do that to yourself!! Which is totally fair, but you have to understand because of that void, where it started, and what I allowed it to turn into, I literally had my heart and soul into it; so it was so much more to me than just a job.

For the last several months you’ve probably heard me say once or twice it was the BEST thing that ever happened to me. Truth serum, it wasn’t until about 3 months ago that I actually believed that. I’ll explain and tell you about the last 8 months another day. It’s true that the great things can come after the worst possible thing. Perspective can be an amazing thing if you let it.

Hustle Up, Hun is intended just as it’s read, and it’s a note to myself. That when I hustle up I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to, I’m stronger than I realize and a reminder that I’ve proven this to myself time and time again.  #chickboss wasn’t born when I started this blog, she was born 6 years ago… and it’s time to officially retire her.


Quick Intermission

Yes, I’m taking a quick intermission from my blog. There are a few things I need to focus on this month, but we’ll also be taking a little trip where I intend to disconnect and get some R&R. 🙂 The truth is, I often struggle with doing this, it’s definitely a weakness – but the strength is the drive and the hustle. Call it what you will. I recently read an article that talked about how quickly strengths if taken to the extreme can become your greatest weaknesses. It was something I had thought about on the surface, but hadn’t really reflected on. When I finally did I made a list of all the things taking up my physical and mental capacity – didn’t think about why or how they ended up there. Then I separated it into three groups (to keep myself honest): Things that should be consuming that capacity, things I can come back to, and things that never should have never even been on the list.

The blog is one of those things to come back to.. stay tuned, I’ll be back in November. 😉


Have a Bad Boss? Ready to Quit? Consider This First.

I was recently asked to elaborate on a boss I felt I had learned the most from throughout my career and why. The answer came easily to me: it was the worst leader I ever had. It was something I had already thought about in great detail. They didn’t teach me anything, they didn’t develop me to be better… no, they don’t get any credit. With the right attitude in this situation, you can learn and push yourself more than you ever have before.

What’s your definition of bad?

I have been fortunate enough to learn from and work for some amazing and phenomenal leaders. I am eternally grateful for each of them, and all the things they’ve taught me that I still carry in my tool belt today. This is a vast majority of my experience, and I consider myself lucky and grateful for that. Everyone has their own definition of a bad boss, but I think those can vary depending on the situation and circumstance. No one is perfect, we’re only human – but imperfection is a long way to straight up bad. For me, anyone and any leader who owns it, could never be dubbed as “bad” – at least in my eyes. If you’re owning it, you’re making an effort to be better and everyone deserves that opportunity. Personally speaking, there are four major things that define my version of a bad boss.

The Unreachable One:Whether they are MIA or AWOL doesn’t matter, they always seem to disappear off the grid, especially when you need them the most and in the middle of rapid fire. Then long after the smoke clears and the attack has subsided, they surface. Often quick to ask 20 questions that are now irrelevant, or to emphasize the authority you don’t have on decisions you were forced to make because they were nowhere to be found.

The Oblivious One: They have no idea what’s going on, nor do they put effort into knowing. Their reality is light years away from the reality. Whether it’s due to inadequate knowledge, plain ignorance, or lack of awareness is irrelevant; they aren’t putting in the effort and they are too prideful to admit they need to learn.

The Judge and the Jury: They often say things that contradict their own actions, or vice versa. Hypocritical by holding others to a different standard than they hold themselves. Often sanctimonious, putting themselves on a pedestal of moral superiority that they publicily praise themself for, completely lacking humility. The one that asks for feedback, but quickly interrupts it with disagreement or justification.

The Politician: They thrive on office politics, making important decisions with a self-serving perspective, in an effort to outshine their competition. They battle their insecurities by surrounding themselves with inferior people, or may ambiguously eliminate anything or anyone that they feel threatens them or their position.  Easily identified as the ones that SPEAK more than they LISTEN. Using phrases like “sorry to interrupt” but then proceed to do it anyway… over and over again… like a political debate.

Sounds awful right? Well, it is. But… no matter how awful your experience may be, or what your own version of “bad” is, if you find yourself in this situation, don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of it.

3 invaluable things I learned from the worst leader I ever had:

  1. What Not To DoTaking all of the things that defined my version of bad then having countless self-reflections. This redefined me as a leader. I also learned how to recognize early signs that may suggest I was headed the wrong way, and how to change course. This taught me a new level of self-awareness and redefined how I reflected on my areas for improvement.
    • I observed. Taking an inventory of my coworkers versions of bad, not just my own. Is it a condescending one? A dictator? Micro-manager? Just because I could tolerate it, didn’t mean others could. This taught me the importance of individuality.
  2. How to Push MyselfI learned how to push myself into uncomfortable and often unfamiliar territory. I thought I was a problem solver before… but when forced to figure things out, without the choice and when people are relying on you. Wow. I took advantage of the support I wasn’t getting, and learned how to do things I didn’t know I was capable of. I built new relationships and gathered new knowledge from other parts business that I didn’t have before.
    • I tapped into a new level of resourcefulness that I didn’t even know existed within myself. It expanded my creativity and innovation in a way I had not yet pushed myself or taken the risk to do. Ultimately as a result, this gave me a different level of confidence and strength.
  3. Self DevelopmentThe importance of the investment I make into my own development.  I couldn’t sit around and wait for someone to coach me through different coping and managing techniques or to offer mentor advice based on their own experience. I had to take full responsibility for my development if I wanted to grow. This responsibility stays with you.
    • I learned a new level of patience and gratitude. And most importantly, that defeat is in the eye of the warrior and the greatest triumph comes to those who wait.

So, before you jump ship or you dedicate all your energy into trying to change them; think twice. You never know what triumph you may be missing out on.

Shout out to the ones that don’t support, teach, or protect us, and cheers to the ones that do.


Series Wrap Up: Transformational Leadership in Sales

To conclude the mini-series , let’s do a recap summary on the areas we covered in Transformational Leadership in The Sales World:



  • Emphasized clarity and focus on 3 areas: Sales Operations, Sales Enablement, & Sales Management
  • If you want to maximize productivity then at minimum your organization should have a lead or team for all 3 to create clear ownership and focus.
  • Sales Management should not be a catch-all; and Sales Enablement is not Sales Operations.


Effective Sales Leadership | TAKE AWAYS:

  • A sales manager is not a sales leader.
  • To be an effective sales leader, you must first understand the various roles to play;   a leader, a coach, a mentor, and a manager.
  • The goal is not to master these specific roles; the goal is to get out of constant managerial mode, and learn WHEN and HOW to pivot your approach and get the most out of your sales folks.

Transformational Sales Leadership | TAKE AWAYS:

  • This is about digging deep and introducing dynamic leadership skills in addition to the fundamental ones you’ve established.
  • Pushing yourself to develop your capabilities even further and challenging your leadership boundaries.
  • The goal is not to master these specific roles either; the goal is to learn HOW and WHEN to be a transformational leader amongst your PEERS and COLLEAGUES.



  • Sales stigma is a real thing: it is the stereotypical perception of the categorization and association of sales people with negativity. It will stifle the growth of your business in more than one way.
  • Avoiding or eliminating it is a TWO WAY street with ownership of both the sales team and the rest of the business.
  • This can also be the beginning of a cultural transformation – embrace it.



Squashing Sales Stigma | Sales Peeps You’re Up

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, but if you need a refresher on where we’re at start here first and read through.

Side bar, I would love to hear from some critics, sales folks or not on this next infographic, or even the last one. I always appreciate the likes, clicks, and kudo texts (thank you)… but I rarely (never) hear from people disagree with my ramblings, and while I’d love to think I’m just that good – I know I’m not. 🙂 So please… by all means, don’t hold back… there is always something to be learned from someone else’s perspective.

All my fellow sales peeps… you’re up! Without any further ado, here are 6 things you are responsible for to avoid that stigma and turn around that stereotype.